Naughty Teacher Diana Prince Oral Exams

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Now here’s a naughty teacher who is sure to be popular with the students, because her makeup exams are pretty interesting:

Danny miserably fails his test, so his teacher, Professor Diana Prince, calls him into her office hours to discuss what’s going on. She scolds him when she discovers that instead of studying for the exam, he decided to go to the big beach party that’s been all the word on campus. But she’s willing to give him a second chance and make up the grade.

I don’t know about you, but I could fail a couple of exams if I was getting a chance to tag this sexy wife without her husband knowing! Diana Prince is a hot fuck and her pussy gets so juicy when she cums. This horny teacher and wife loves to get boned, I am guessing a lot of the studly guys in her classes fail at least one exam!

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