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Ever wonder why it takes you wife so long to redecorate while you are at work? This scene from MILF Next Door might tell you all about it – they eat pussy all day!

Bree couldn’t quite handle the task of painting and wanted some help. She called Sovereign over to get some relief. Sovereign came in and took control. Once she was on the ladder Bree got a nice view of some ass in her face. She then felt the need to relieve something else. She started to run her finger under the edge of Sovereign’s short shorts. The project at hand changed rather quickly as Bree started to take handfuls of ass. Sovereign came down from the ladder and their lips locked up. The tits came out and the nipples grew hard. As the little amount of paint that was applied on the wall dried, these two naughty hotties did some stokes with their tongues instead of brushes. They pleased each others hot boxes and back door peep holes. Their pussies were wetter than the paint as they buried there faces in between their legs because thats pretty much the only way to make any progress. As they showed it is always better to cum first, then you can concentrate on the task at hand.

So the room might never get finished, but damn, that is one hot wife pussy eating 69 session!

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Wild Wives Have Sexy Halloween Party

Guys, don’t leave your wives at home alone, because they will just find other ways to have fun. The husbands have all gone to work, and these three ladies decide to have their own Halloween party. Well, they aren’t trying to find sweet candy, they are trying to find sweet pussy juicy and delicious orgasms! These three are totally into getting each other off in a wild lesbian threeway that leaves nobody dry, and nobody unsatisfied. They really get into it, licking each other out, rubbing clits, inserting fingers, DFK each other like mad. These girls are horny as they cum and they cum because they are horny! A truly hot scene!

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Horny MILFs Have a No Cock Party

With their husbands all at work and not much to do, these three MILF hotties get together for a glass of wine a little chatting. Well, fuck chatting, these girls are all horny for some action, and ready for each other. Who needs cocks when you get talented MILF friends with toys, tongues, and fingers to make you happy? These three really go for it in an intense lesbian threeway that see all of these hot MILFs cumming like crazy and licking up each other’s pussy juice. No a drop is wasted!

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Hot Wives Have Sexy Lesbo Threeway

Kaye has been around the block a time or two and this, her second time around with Bree and Kristen, is definitely the best. The day started like any normal one. Kids on the beach, husbands off…somewhere. Anyway, a game of horseshoes turned into something more when the ladies worked up an appetite and got sidetracked when they realized just how much pussy was in the kitchen with them. A ridiculous 3 way ensued and Bree showed up with a gargantuan double dong that went super deep in Kristen and Kaye. So sexy to see this wild wife having a hot lesbo threeway while hubby is away!

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Busty MILFs go Lesbo

Guys, this is why you should never leave your wife home alone with a friend. Holly and August had nothing to do for the afternoon, and after a couple of martinis with lunch, these two cougars decided it was time to have some fun. Who needs cock when you got a big glass toy and a friend with a juicy pussy and talented tongue? These two busty MILFs go for it big time, eating each other out and using that toy to bring each other to some nice juicy climaxes. I would love to come home and find these two on my sofa!

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