Busty MILFs go Lesbo

Guys, this is why you should never leave your wife home alone with a friend. Holly and August had nothing to do for the afternoon, and after a couple of martinis with lunch, these two cougars decided it was time to have some fun. Who needs cock when you got a big glass toy and a friend with a juicy pussy and talented tongue? These two busty MILFs go for it big time, eating each other out and using that toy to bring each other to some nice juicy climaxes. I would love to come home and find these two on my sofa!

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Maya Devine Bar Fuck

maya devine fucks a guy and the bartender too

Maya Devine is the type of cougar you hope to find in a bar. It’s a quite day, only the bartender and one guy in drinking in the afternoon, but Maya is determined to get some action and she really comes on to the guy. Well, the bartender is digging this too, so he goes and locks the door so they can have a cougar style three way! Maya takes them both on, sucking one as the other fucks her juicy MILF pussy, and the flips to change places. This horny wife doesn’t care what they do as long as she gets the orgasms her wimpy husband can’t deliver!

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Glory Hole Suck and Fuck

wife sucks and fucks cock through a glory hole

Guys, every wonder why your wife is taking so long in the bathroom at night clubs, in gas stations, and such? Maybe your horny wife has found a glory hole and she is loving the action! Check out this girl, she went in to use the bathroom in a gas station and found out there was a glory hole connecting the mens to the ladies… and there is a nice hard cock there for her to suck on! She loves it so much that this slut wife turns around and backs her ass up so she can get that cock in her pussy for a while! Then she turns around and sucks the guy off until he spews cum all over her face and in her mouth!

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MILF Hunter Hits the Bahamas

milf in the bahamas gets fucked by the milf hunter

Even when he is on vaction, the MILF Hunter is always on patrol, check out this story:

I was in the Bahamas for a little escape when I spotted something special. A MILF in red. Right there I decided red was my favorite color and I was going to be doing the single headed Watusi in her hot pocket. My buddy tried his hand at getting in her pants, but she put a stop to that. Since it takes a little something special to get the mature hotties I rolled in and talked her up. It was quick and to the point and we ended up back at the bandicooch castle. Mota has a hot body, a damn nice tan and tits that defy gravity. This might go down as one of my finer travel hunts

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Cougar Fucking in Bar Washroom

horny cougar gets banged in the mens room

Some wild wives just can’t wait for it any longer. This story from Seduced By a Cougar is a great example:

Veronica Vaughn and pals head out on a Saturday afternoon to do some shopping, but they end up in a bar instead. But industrious cougars can make it work, even in the middle of the day, so Veronica’s gonna start by following her young man meat prey into the bathroom.

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