Stephanie Is a Slut Wife In Training

This is a wild scene from Honry Birds, which is a site that features hot and real bachelorette parties, hen nights, all girl parties, and wild nights at the male strip clubs. Stephanie is getting married in a couple of days, and her friends decided she needed a send off that none of them would ever forget. So they set up a private party room in a friends basement (complete with a stripper pole!) and invited over all of her friends. They invited over a bunch of male dancers too, and soon enough the stripping games begin. It’s not long before the bride is proving why she is such a catch, sucking on the dancers big cock and really going for it. Her friends are into sharing, and everyone gets in on the big cock action. Soon enough, Stephanie is bent over getting fucked by one of the strippers from behind, making sure she is ready for a life of marriage!

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