Hot Mom Really Just Wants to Fuck

This scene from 40 Something sort of makes me giggle. You gotta love a hot Mom who shows up and really just wants to fuck, check out the story:

For her first scene at, 40-year-old divorcee and mom Sylvia Kay is dressed for the occasion (kind of) in a short, black, sexy dress and high heels. She’s proud of the way she looks, as she should be. She’s beautiful (and kinda slutty) with big, fake tits and long, thin legs. She spreads her legs to show us her pussy, then she gets on all fours to show off her beautiful ass then she lies back on a couch, gets her legs in the air and spreads her pink cunt. So this is going to be a solo show, right? Wrong.

“I came here to fuck,” Sylvia said. “I can play with myself at home!”

Well okay then, skip the diddling and let’s fuck!

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