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For her first scene at, 40-year-old divorcee and mom Sylvia Kay is dressed for the occasion (kind of) in a short, black, sexy dress and high heels. She’s proud of the way she looks, as she should be. She’s beautiful (and kinda slutty) with big, fake tits and long, thin legs. She spreads her legs to show us her pussy, then she gets on all fours to show off her beautiful ass then she lies back on a couch, gets her legs in the air and spreads her pink cunt. So this is going to be a solo show, right? Wrong.

“I came here to fuck,” Sylvia said. “I can play with myself at home!”

Well okay then, skip the diddling and let’s fuck!

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Hot Wife Sandy Bigboobs Gets Fucked On Camera

Sandy Bigboobs is a hot wife who after a couple of years of being a webcam model and not telling anyone, she decied to come out, as it were, by fucking for 40 Something! Can’t deny your wife is a slut if you have her on video getting fucked, right? Check out her story:

“I became aware of you on Twitter and then I looked around on the home page,” 46-year-old wife and mom Sandy told us. “Then came my desire to become a model for you and to shoot for you.” We’re glad she had that desire. Up until posing for us, Sandy was a webcam model back home in Germany. She often posts sexy photos of herself on Twitter. And now she’s sucking and fucking a stud–a 28-year-old stud–for all the world to see. “I only told my family and dearest friends that I would shoot with you,” she said. “That will be a nice surprise for all the others.” Sandy has big, natural tits, which explains why she calls herself Sandy Bigboobs on Twitter. In these photos, she’s wearing sexy, red lingerie that shows off those big tits. After Nick has had his way with her mouth and pussy, he cums all over her face, and his cum drips down to Sandy’s tits. Very nice.

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For all your lover of hot wives with sexy legs and feet, let’s get together to enjoy hot wife Jazmin Cox. This 42 year old has great legs and looks amazing in stockings, and hse found a younger guy to worship her legs and feet – and fuck her juicy pussy too!

Jazmin Cox, who’s 42 years old, gets her lovely legs and feet worshiped then rewards Peter for attentiveness by sucking his cock and balls and having him deep-fuck her tight, MILF pussy. They fuck in some acrobatic positions. Jazmin shows off her flexibility, and in the end, she shows off her love of cum by opening her mouth for Peter’s load. Although Jazmin is a relatively young MILF at 42 years old, Peter is only 23, which means he’s young enough to be her son. “I once had sex with a guy almost 15 years younger than me,” she said. “He worshiped my pussy.” Peter worships her legs and pussy. Jazmin is a tall, thin brunette with perky tits and a really nice body, and this is her third fuck scene at She’s a divorcee and mom who was born in Germany and now lives in Florida. She’s a self-described girl-next-door who likes gentlemen. If you open doors for her, she’ll open her long, slender legs for you.

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Naughty Sydney Gets Herself Some Younger Cock

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Sydney is a wild swinger divorcee who just loves to fuck, and loves younger cock – and is getting a total thrill out of getting featuring on 40 Something for her hardcore abilities!

Let’s welcome back Sydney, a 48-year-old MILF from Nevada. Sydney told us she doesn’t have any fetishes. She’s a straight-sex kind of girl (although she’ll have anal sex if the chemistry is right). She’d like to have sex every morning (but she doesn’t), and she enjoys “French kissing while exploring each other’s bodies, a guy sucking on my breasts and gentle and playful grabbing and spanking.” She also said, “I want the man to be the man and take control. I want the man to make the first move the majority of the time, but if the mood is right and I’m feeling it, then I don’t have a problem with making the first move.” In this scene, she definitely makes the first move. She’s wearing sexy lingerie, a little bra and panties that show off her little, fuckable body. “I love Victoria’s Secret thongs,” she said. We like Sydney’s body no matter what she has on..the less the better, of course. Here, Sydney is with a much-younger guy. She sucks the young cock.

She certainly can suck that young dudes cock with authority, and you can tell this MILF loves to fuck!

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Hot MILF Brandi Anderson Enjoying Young Hard Cock

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Gotta pity the fool that was married to horny MILF hotty Brandi Anderson and ended up divorced, because he is missing out daily on one of the horniest pieces of wife pussy I have seen in a while. This gal loves to fuck! Check out her wild story:

Brandi Anderson, a 42-year-old divorcee who was born in Canada and now lives in Florida, returns to fuck some young cock. Because that’s what she came here for. Young cock. “I once had a late-night fling with a much-younger guy, but that’s about it,” said Brandi. She has 18 years on Rocky, her partner in this scene, and she asserts her experience in a good way. This sexy, firm-titted blonde is wearing a short skirt and sitting on a bed. Rocky is sitting on a couch. She puts on a tits and ass show then kneels between his legs to jack and suck his cock. Then she gets on all fours to show him what he’s about to get. Then she sucks his cock some more.

She wanks him,sucks him, titty fucks him, and the rides his hard young cock for all it’s worth, this horny wild wife loves it deep!

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Husband Encourages Victoria Miller To Fuck On Camera

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You have to love a husband who encourages his wife to try new things, and to get things off her bucket list. Victoria Miller is fucking on camera for 40 something because her husband encouraged her, pretty nice eh? Check out this wife’s story:

hings on 41-year-old Victoria Miller’s bucket list: Driving a NASCAR car around a track. Riding a real bull (not a mechanical one; she’s done that). Swimming with sharks (with her in a cage, of course; she’d prefer it if the shark was toothless). Riding in a police car during a high-speed chase. Getting a tattoo. Jumping out of an airplane. Thing that has just been crossed off Victoria’s bucket list: Having sex in front of a camera. “Actually, what I had in mind was sex with a friend on-camera, but my husband picked it up and ran with it,” Victoria said. By that, she means that he submitted her pictures to “We were Googling one day, and somehow he found you,” Victoria recalled.

So now here she is on 40 Something getting her MILF pussy fucked hard and love it, and you can bet her husband is off on the side beating his meat as his wife gets fucked hard by a big cock. I am betting this horny wife is back for more soon!

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Now here is what a true horny wife is all about. Elara Elis is a true horny married milf, a cock hound who loves to fuck, and wears her husband out with her need for plenty of fucking, many times daily if she can get it. She’s a real amateur too, check out the story:

She’s helping us out with ours, too. Elara is 5’4″ and weighs 133 pounds. She has C-cup tits. She has a 29-year-old son. Most importantly, she’s married. Happily married. “He was very excited about me coming here,” Elara said.

So her husband loves watching her get fucked by big cocks, and she loves the cocks! This horny wife is happily married and happily horny all the time, and she takes to fucking in front of the camera like a duck to water or a schoolgirl to quarterback cock. It’s all natural!

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Brittney Snow is a wild 40 Something MILF and Mom who loves to play a little rough and get dominated, and this scene has it all. She gets her sexy mature ass spanked, gets her face fucked with a dildo, and of course, gets to suck this younger guys big cock! She’s horny as hell and he is directing all the action, this slutty wife is more than willing to do things any way her dominating man wants her to do it. Plenty of hot fucking too, this gal has a wonderful shaved pussy and she loves to get it deep and hard!

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Samantha Ray Sexy Hot Training Day

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Here’s a hot scene from 40 Something with sexy wife Samantha Ray proving that younger guys love older pussy. Seems her new working trainer is quite a hot piece, a young guy with a secret: I loves older women:

Young Johnny walks into the locker room and finds a magazine. It’s 40Something. He reaches down into his shorts to jack his cock while Samantha Ray comes up from behind and stands behind a locker. She’s wearing a T-shirt and gym shorts. She’s rubbing her tits while Johnny admires the mag. She reaches down to rub her pussy. At this point, Johnny and Samantha are doing the same exercise, and finally, Samantha makes her presence known. ‘Mrs. Ray, I didn’t know there was anyone in the locker room,’ Johnny says. ‘Looks like you like older women,’ she says. ‘You don’t have to be embarrassed. I’ll take care of you.’

She sure does take care of him sucking his big cock and them letting him fuck her mature pussy – her husband would freak out if he knew that his horny wife loves to fuck younger guys!

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Mimi Moore is a wildly hot 43 year old divorced Mommy from California, and her real day job is manager of a Bank. Yes, this sexy MILF loves to get some nice deposits, like big loads of cum! This scene from 40 Something has her doing her first on camera big black cock fuck, and let me tell you, this MILF can handle that big cock without any problems. She loves to fuck – and this MILF has taken on three of the biggest cocks she can find one after another. So topping that run off with this nice big black cock proves that she is one wild wife!

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