Bea Cummins Yoga and Young Cock

bea cummins yoga and young cock

Some MILFs are totally unstoppable, no matter their age. Bea Cummins is psuhing 70 years old but this hot MILF (and GILF) is totally into keeping her body in good shape and getting fucked by younger guys. So yoga class turns into tantric exercices for her sweet MILF pussy and big GILF tits:

Today, Bea Cummins , our favorite 70-year-old MILF/GILF/wife, is taking a yoga class. Her instructor is 24-year-old Rocky. He’s very hands on. No surprise. Bea is beautiful, she has big tits and we can see her G-string above her yoga pants. Rocky strokes Bea’s ass while she stretches. He adjusts her position and grinds his cock into her ass. Then he has her get down on her hands and knees so she can arch her back…and get her ass up in the air. Then he adjusts her G-string. Yoga instructors adjust G-strings? And squeeze their students’ asses? ‘I didn’t know that was part of the routine,’ Bea says. ‘Especially for you,’ Rocky says. Grinding his cock into her ass…that’s especially for her, too? Apparently so. As is slapping her ass. ‘I’d like to do something for you,’ Bea says. ‘I’d like to suck your cock.’ Now, we happen to know that sucking cock and fucking is not part of an ordinary yoga routine. But then again, Bea is no ordinary 70-year-old.

You gotta admit, this horny wife is a hotty at 70, a willing and sexy gal who loves to fuck!

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GILF Boss Rita Daniels Gets Some Office Cock

rita daniels gilf

Here’s a hot new scene from 60 Plus MILFs with horny busty Granny Rita Daniels doing what she does best, enjoying a big cock at the office!

Rita Daniels , one of our favorite GILFs ever, is the busty boss who catches her young employee, 24-year-old Rocky, talking about her on the phone. He thinks he can say whatever he wants because he’s speaking Spanish and he doesn’t think Rita understands. But she does, especially when he tells whoever he’s talking to that his boss has big tits and he wants to fuck her. Put it this way: No matter what language you’re speaking, if you say, ‘My boss has big tits and I want to fuck her,’ and the boss you’re referring to is Rita Daniels , she’ll understand. Rita is fluent in multiple languages of fuck talk. Anyway, before long, lucky Rocky is playing with Rita’s big tits and eating her hairy pussy (Rita isn’t shaving it these days; for photos and videos of Ms. Daniels with a shaved cunt, look elsewhere on Then she’s sucking his dick, one of the things she does best (the horny-as-hell look on her face when she’s downing dick is one of the best things about Rita), and sitting on his cock and then taking his cock in her tight asshole, and then he’s cumming on her face!

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Horny MILFs Rita and Lexi Share a Young Lover

This is the story of a 61-year-old swinger/slut named Rita Daniels (she’s the brunette) who convinced her 64-year-old friend/swinger/slut Lexi McCain (she’s the blonde) to join her on It’s also the story of a 20-year-old kid named Ivan who’s a big fan of Rita’s and heard she was coming back to When he heard the news, he prayed that he’d get the chance to fuck her on-camera. And his wishes were granted. So here, a 20-year-old is fucking two women who are both three times his age. Yep, only at Lexi told us the story of how she and Rita got together. ‘We’re both in relationships and we’re swingers, and Rita and her significant other contacted us on a swingers website. And when they came from New York to visit us in South Florida, that’s how we met.’ Rita, Lexi and their significant others in one house together for one hot, sweaty, sex-filled week in the Tropics. Can you imagine. ‘We just walked around nude all day and had our cocktails,’ Rita said, emphasizing the ‘cock’ in cocktails. ‘There was a lot of fucking going on. They threw a big party for us. They had 30 couples, and it was rocking. And I was the center of attention. I got passed around a lot.’ In these photos, Rita and Lexi share a giant, double-donged dildo that Rita picked up at a store, then they share Ivan. It’s a three-way that a lot of you have been asking for. As usual, Rita and Lexi are here to satisfy!

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Wild Wife Lexi McCain Gets Younger Cock

Lexi McCain is an amazing hot wife and MILF, 64 years young and loving the younger cock. This time out she has found herself a much younger guy to stuff her pussy and give her a nice creampie too! Check out the story of her 64th birthday:

Lexi McCain turns 64 this week, and what better way for her to celebrate her birthday than by fucking once more in front of the cameras! Yep, happy birthday, Lexi, and here’s a cock for you to suck and fuck and a load of cum for you to take deep inside your pussy. Some women get a birthday cake. You get a pie…a cream pie! ‘I love it,’ Lexi said. ‘I mean, in my personal life, men cum inside my pussy all the time, so why not here?

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